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Here at OKIN, we take sustainable living seriously. As we fall into the beauty industry category, we are well aware of the harm inflicted on the environment caused by fast fashion + beauty corporations daily. We believe that it is important to make sure we do not add to that statistic, or at the very least try our hardest to keep our contributions to mass waste, plastic pollution, and water waste to a minimum. We make sure that our ingredients and packaging are sourced ethically and that our formulations are *never* tested on animals.

Those of us over here in the West are the biggest contributors to pollution and global warming, yet we will be the last to feel the impacts of it, while millions/billions of people in the Global South who don't make much of a contribution to this will be the first. It will take all of us to make the conscious effort to save our planet and our home, so here the ways that WE as individuals are trying to make a change:


Our ingredients

We *only* work with suppliers who do not test on animals and who make an effort to minimise pollution, thus minimising global warming overall. We know the importance of making sure the ethics we practice are also applied to those who contribute to our business in any way. We make sure only to source fair-trade products and make sure our suppliers also do the same.


Packaging Peanuts 

The Eco Flo Biodegradable Packing Peanuts we use to protect our products during the delivery process offers an eco-friendly yet highly effective alternative to standard loose fill packaging. Providing better impact protection than polystyrene, Eco Flo is 100% biodegradable and instantly dissolves in water to eliminate littering and mass waste.


Cardboard Packaging 

Our delivery boxes are 100% recyclable 


Product Containers

90% of our products are held in 100% reusable and recyclable glass containers. We are currently aiming for 100%, and we will soon be offering a service where customers can return empty containers to be sanitised and reused.