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Debunking Afro Hair Myths

"Let Me Touch Your Hair!"   And throw off my oil balance? I think not! Before you jump the gun, cross my boundaries, and try to dive your hands into my hair, let's talk a little bit more about it. For decades the idea that Black hair is messy, wild or problematic has been widespread globally, further pushing an anti-black narrative within the beauty industry. Millions of young Black individuals grow up into a society that falsely pushes the notion that their hair should be sleek and bone straight, often leading to individuals damaging their hair to fit this 'ideal'. At Okin Epidermis we believe in championing and celebrating those who are neglected in the industry and breaking down discriminatory ideals. Celebrating Black hair means looking after it! We use natural vegan ingredients to ensure your scalp and hair is looking on point and healthy, whilst remaining sustainable and kind to our planet.  The versatility and beauty of Afro hair is undeniable but why is there such a lack of knowledge surrounding it? Let’s break some of the common myths surrounding afro-hair…   "Afro Hair Doesn't Grow"   Does the sun rise and set every day? Yes! Then Afro hair grows just like every other hair texture but the difference is shrinkage. What is hair shrinkage? Simply put, it refers to the amount a person's hair shortens in length from wet to dry, and we’ve all been there! Other influences on the length of afro hair include curl type. The tighter the curl the shorter the appearance. Using natural products to lock in moisture can help with shrinkage, but remember, health over length any day! If your hair and scalp isn't healthy, the length won't matter at all. Okin Epidermis hair range includes a vegan hair butter that helps to moisturise, strengthen and thicken hair.    "Afro Hair Is Dry"   Now you know we wouldn't lie to you so we will spill...Afro hair types can get dry, but hold up! It's not your fault, blame Mother Nature for this one. All those twists and turns make it difficult for your scalp's natural oils to properly coat your hair. Straighter hair types allow for the scalps oils to glide down easily and lock in moisture more affectively. Quick fix? Here are our top tips:   Don’t over do it on the shampoo!   Some shampoos may contain sodium lauryl sulphate. This is used to help lather the hair but also strips out natural oils.   Use hair oils to soothe irritation and dryness   ALLEVIATE is a nourishing ayurvedic scalp & beard oil infused with carrier oils and essential oils. These are beneficial to anyone suffering with irritation or dry scalps.   Regular deep conditioning   Deep conditioning can help to quickly lock in and restore moisture to dry hair. Repeated use will promote your scalps natural oils.   "Afro Hair Is Difficult to Work With" Wrong! Afro hair is like any other hair, the difference is the lack of education provided to hair care professionals and young black people. Non afro hair types are highly catered to within hairdressing qualifications in the UK leaving professionals unprepared to work with afro hair types. Walk into a Black hairdressers and you will see magic being worked in every corner. Black hair is VERSATILE! From twists to locs, braids, afro puffs, bantu knots, and more; Black hair is an art form.   Okin Epidermis  Helping people to access affordable, sustainable hair products is essential at Okin Epidermis. Celebrating rather than ‘fixing’ afro hair is key. Helping young black people learn to love their natural hair by taking care of it.